Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just a Story

Most of the time, my husband who works for a city here in Minnesota, gets to be the brunt of alot of lazy city worker jokes. In the city where he works, they don't have enough guys to be lazy. I know they work really hard. The sad part is that they get very little recognition for the great stuff that they do. So I am going to recognize my husband here.

The other day at work, Mike and one of his co-workers were doing some work on one the roads in town. They happen to notice a large black dog under a tree in one of the yards. During the day, family members would come out to the dog bringing it water. They would sit with the dog and pet him.

Later that day, Mike noticed that the Grandma was covering the dog up. It was apparent that the dog had passed on. Then the father brings out a large box and put the dog in the box and then proceeds to dig a hole in the yard. The family gathered around the grave site and held a little service. During the service, Mike and his co-worker stopped the noisy work that they were doing and gave the family a moment of silence.

The next day when Mike returned to finish up the work that they were doing on the road. He felt a touch on his arm. It was the Mom of the family that had lost their dog. She wanted to thank Mike and John for their respect while the family buried a much loved pet. It had meant a great deal to them. Their sweet lab had been diagnosed with cancer a week ago and it was quite devastating to the entire family.

I get so mad at my husband sometimes that I wonder what was I thinking when I married him 33 years ago. And then I remember why when he tells me about this family and his response to their grief.

The city workers in this town are really unsung heroes. They are there when things need to be done, they keep the city up and working. My husband has been shot at while snowplowing, cursed at while doing his job, barked at by the many dogs in the city and made fun by alot of people. But when it comes down to it, him and the other guys at the city shop deserve a heartfelt thanks from the citizens they serve.

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