Saturday, September 12, 2009


Participated in a Halloween Mingle. Unfortunately it happened right during the time when I was down and out due to a motorcycle accident. Hurt my left arm and that limited me for awhile, made it hard for me to work. Plus my muse must of gotten bounced out of me when I hit the ground cause I have had no creative thoughts since then. So the piece that I made (above) is kinda crappy. I painted three pieces of canvas with an acrylic wash. The ghost, cat and pumpkin were hand drawn on a pieces of a book page that I covered with gesso and then painted with acrylic paint. Added some stars and die cut Happy Halloween. Finished up with a clear coat of Modge Podge. Drilled holes in each of the canvas pieces and attached together with wire.

Below is the piece that I received from Kris. It is absolutely fabulous. I love it. Put it right up on my wall in my craft room after I took the picture. Which by the way doesn't do the piece justice. I think that Kris did an amazing job on this. Thank you so much Kris.

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry there is much to see here. Hopefully I can get my groove back soon.